Exploring Opportunities in IT and Technology Career Path

ITAre you looking for a degree course in IT and Technology? Are you that person who cannot stay away from your computer? Well, IT and Technology is the best career choice for you. Many universities/ colleges in the United States offer IT and technology courses to all high school leavers with required qualifications. With the rise of Apple, Google, mobile apps, Facebook, smart TVs and much more it is clear that the field of technology is a growing field. There are therefore a great number of jobs available for those planning to join the field.

Skills and Interests Required for Information Technology Career

Before pursuing a degree in IT and Technology it is important to consider whether you have the following skills;

server rack– Internet search skills – You need to be able to make use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, among others. In most times, you will be tasked with assignments that you would need to research from the web.
– Office suite skills. It is important you have knowledge of programs such as Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint among others
– Good communication skills. Ensure you have good communication to relate easily to customers and co-workers
– Business awareness. You must be able to integrate your technology knowledge with that of business. You must have the ability to identify new products and services required in a technology firm.
– Learn to speak multiple languages.
– Technical intelligence. You must have knowledge of all the trending and new things in technology and have a follow up on the best appliances on the market.
– Be a technology geek

Degree courses in IT and Technology

Although a degree is not a major necessity in most IT fields, as technology evolves so does the demand for tech-savvy employees. It is an added advantage to have a degree during job searching. Below are some of the degree courses you can enroll in after your high school education.

1. Bachelor’s degree in information technology- no previous technical experience is required to enroll. This program is suitable for individuals with an associate degree in IT. With this degree, you can specialize in cyber security, computer systems, network administration and web applications development. With this degree, you can work in many firms such as finance and insurance, education, manufacturing, telecommunications, and data processing.

2. Bachelor’s degree in information systems- this degree deals with fields such as system analysis and design, computer networking, database management, information security, and decision support systems.

3. Bachelor of Science in computer engineeringserver room

4. Bachelor of Science in software engineering- it deals with the design, development, and maintenance of software.

5. Bachelor of computer applications

6. Bachelor of computer information systems

7. Bachelor of Science in System Engineering

Job Opportunities in IT and Technology career path

You may be wondering where to work if you pursue a degree in IT and Technology. The field is wide and so is the number of job opportunities. Some of the jobs in this field are;

– Data communication specialist
– Database programmerservers
– System administrator
– Computer hardware engineer
– IT Trainer
– Systems Analyst
– Network Engineer
– Network manager
– Software developer
– Web designer and developer
– Web writer and editor
– Mobile devices support consultant
– Telecommunications Technician
– Gaming design
– Information security specialist
– Help desk support among many more

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