Exploring Opportunities in Teaching and Education Career Path

teacher 2Are you done with high school and don’t know the next path to take? Well, consider studying for a career in teaching and education field. Before starting a career in education and teaching field, you should know of all the requirements you need. Your primary aim will be enriching the lives of young people.

Your role will be helping children and young people acquire and develop the knowledge and skills they will need later in their lives. It is essential to note that this career is vigorous and crowded, and for you to get the best position, you must have specialized training and significant academic achievement and all state certification requirements.

Teaching Skills and Interests

If you are want to be the best teacher, develop the following skills and interests for a successful career;

– Relate well to children and young people from all backgrounds
– Good communication skills to communicate with parents and other professionals
– Be assertive and creative when faced with a challenging situation
– Have good leadership skills, stamina, and enthusiasm
– Be creative and resourceful in subject presentation and relating it to real life
– Be patient with pupils and student of different ability levels
– Have excellent organizational skills and ability to work to deadlines.

Tips to Start a Teaching Career

teacher1. Decide on the type of teacher you will be; elementary, middle or secondary level teacher. Also, decide on the subjects you would major in; math, science, English, art, or social studies. You can get advice from current teachers and ask more on their day-to-day responsibilities and duties. Seek advice on your subject selections to make sure that you choose subjects that will help you get many job opportunities.

2. With the right decision on what and where you want to teach, research on the required specific certification of teachers in your state. Different states have a unique combination course requirements. Some states may require you to student-teach first.

3. Find the best college/ university to enroll in. Check whether you are eligible for scholarships and apply for them. Apply for entry to your preferred education and teaching college/ university for your masters, bachelor degree or certificate.

4. Request a teaching job in state schools during your last year in college. There are organizations in the United States that help graduates secure a teaching job. Some of these organizations are; Teach For America, AmeriCorps, and Edutopia. Secure a teaching position and transform the lives of children and young people.

Some of the teaching and education opportunities in the United States include;

teacher 3i. Nursery school teacher– a nursery school teacher, is concerned with children between six weeks and six years. The primary responsibility is providing a model of high quality early childhood care and education for children.

ii. Elementary school teacher– you must have a BS in education with a major in elementary education, state license and can teach either science, language, math, computer or social studies.

iii. High school teacher– there are a lot of responsibilities and many discipline cases to handle. The requirements are a Bachelor’s Degree, State license and practice teaching.

iv. Career and technical education teacher- you must have a bachelor’s degree and work expertise in the subject. The primary role is to instruct students in various technical and vocational subjects such as repair, culinary arts, and healthcare.

iv. School principal– a school principal must have a master’s degree in education administration or leadership and a work experience as a teacher. The main role is to manage all school operations and daily school activities.

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