Top 10 Most Marketable Skills in 2016 You Should Have

Note with word career  on a wooden background.It is of great significance to understand what skills are on demand as you enter the job market. A marketable skill is any ability that is in demand in the job market; something that is useful for tasks that are extremely helpful to employers. Candidates entering the job market with such skills are undoubtedly with a higher chance of getting employed. To be on a competitive edge in the evolving job market, here are the top ten valuable skills you should have in 2016.

1. Analytical skills

There is more information available already, and if someone can access it faster, they can be in a position to sort through and analyze it for better understanding. A person with analytical skills has the ability to conceptualize and solve problems both complex and simple by making decisions that are sensible based on available information. Employers really need that.

2. Top Notch Communication skills

Communication is easily one of the most marketable skills one must be able to master. This includes the ability to listen, empathize and respond clearly to convince others that you understand them. Speaking, writing, reading and other forms of communication complement each other and it certainly put you on a competitive edge. Clear writing demonstrates clear thinking. Communicating clearly is a marker of self-confidence and maturity.

3. High adaptabilityadaptable

Market trends keep changing and being adaptable is a critical trait for the job market. Employers want people who are able to adjust to changing trends, technologically, technically or otherwise, even relocating to other places without missing a point.

4. Problem-solving

Employers want candidates who go beyond just pointing out a problem. They need people who can offer solutions. You are guaranteed a long term job or even a promotion if you can be able to show your desire and demonstrate your creativity towards improving a situation, or more situations in a given work environment.

5. Technical skills

Most organizations are technology driven. Candidates with technical skills including basic computer skills, web programming, computer maintenance, fast learners of using sophisticated business software, are highly eligible for employment in 2016.

6. Ability to work on virtual teams

These require self-discipline as you are required to work remotely on projects with team members who are in other locations. Maybe you are a web developer for the company, and they have a web designer in another country, it will require you to work with them from your location and deliver projects on time.

7. Re-engineering skills

These includes the ability to apply skills to do something other than what you originally trained for. Candidates who have the ability to re-invent themselves by developing new capabilities or learning skills are on a competitive edge in the 2016 job market. They include interpersonal skills of organizing, writing, managing and coordinating, clear communication as well.

8. Networking skills

The ability to network is highly desirable. Employers look for such a skill in candidates as they are guaranteed employees will be able to bring them new clients continuously. People are more connected with social platforms and countless other online networking resources. The ability to use these resources is what is required. Networking involves attending career centers or fares, workshops, for programmers there are application development competitions, not forgetting about your school mates of several years ago.

9. Work ethicsHard work

Your work ethic is going to either break or make your success since when you do your best it is noticed, and it is also noticed when you do not. Doing your best on daily during work guarantees a better future performance and also guarantees self-confidence.

10. Passion, ambition, and right attitude

A passion for something work towards making the ability to achieve success. A stronger ambition is what motivates you to go for it without letting excuses get in the way. Employers want candidates who are self-driven with passion and ambition to achieve success for the organization. Maintaining a positive attitude goes a long way in getting you ahead in the workplace and life. Employers go for candidates with a good attitude who focuses on solutions rather than problems.

Having gone through this list, you now understand what employers are looking for. You can teach yourself some of these skills. In the current job market, it is necessary to focus on improving and strengthening each of these skills so as to achieve a significant level of success. Highlighting some of these skills during a job interview or resume will surely make you stand out from other prospective employees.

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