Exploring Opportunities in Law Career Path

lawOut of high school and you still don’t know which career path to take? A law career is one of the most promising career and has a vast number of jobs to take. You can’t work only in the law industry but other firms such as banks and non-governmental organizations. To study law in a university/ college you must have attained the set grades in your high school.

Before applying for a degree at any of the universities/ colleges in the United States, consider all the pros and cons of the law a career and evaluate if you are suitable for the job. You can ask for advice from fellow friends and people who have done law courses to see your adaptability to the career. Also research on availability of jobs and the requirements employers look for.

Skills and Interests for a Successful Law Career

A law is not a career for everyone; there are some specific skills that one should have to successfully engage in the law career. They include;

– Active listening and good communication skills both oral and written
– Critical thinkingjudge
– Complex problem solving
– Commitment, you should be able to treat every task with a lot of commitment.
– Stamina, energy and resilience. A lot of energy, sacrifice and long working hours are needed to meet client’s deadline
– Honesty and integrity
– Individuality
– Time management
– Investigation/research skills
– Commercial awareness

Some of the law degrees available in the United States include;

1. Juris Doctor

law schoolJuris Doctor the first law degree that you attain and that allows you to practice law in the United States. For you to attain a Juris Doctor you have to complete a bachelor’s degree from a college or university, then study for three more years. During the first year of study, you learn basic topics such as criminal law, civil procedure and international law. During the second and third years you can specialize on any of your personal interest such as business and taxes.

2. Master of Laws

This law degree that is done after the Juris Doctor degree. To complete a master of laws degree, you need one year under which you can specialize in a specific area such as human rights law, environmental law, taxation or technology law.

3. Doctor of Juridical Science

Doctor of Juridical Science is the highest form of law degree which takes three years to attain. To attain this degree, one must finish the Juris Doctor degree and a Master of laws degree.

Law Jobs in the United States

With a law degree in place, you need to find the correct law job to apply your knowledge. Some of the law jobs available in the United States include;

– Attorneyattorney
– Chief legal officer
– Coroner
– Correctional officer
– Border Patrol agent
– Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent
– Court administrator
– Criminal investigator
– Customs agent
– Criminology careers

Having a law degree does not guarantee that you will have a career in law. If you don’t get a chance to work in the hottest law firms, you can choose to do the following jobs; Negotiation and conflict resolution, work for nongovernmental development agencies, banking and finance, become an entrepreneur, journalism and public interest advocacy.

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