Exploring Opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism Career Path

tourismA career in hospitality and tourism is one of the most exciting careers to enroll in. It’s all about helping people enjoy themselves through food, accommodation and drinks. It entails tourists, traveling, attractions and customer service. Hospitality and tourism industries are the largest business activity in the world, thus, students with higher qualifications are in high demand.

Reasons to have a career in hospitality and tourism

Working in hospitality and tourism is an excellent opportunity to work and meet awesome people. All hospitality and tourism industries hire people with excellent interpersonal skills, who can easily interact with customers and good nurtured people. Working in such an industry is an opportunity to meet and be friends with amazing workers

Relaxing working environment. Working in hospitality and tourism industry is a good way to relax since you get the same welcoming treatment that tourists get. When surrounded by happy tourists you also absorb the feeling.Working in hospitality and tourism industry gives you an opportunity to learn how to tackle different challenges. The ability to find solutions to these problems is exhilarating. There is a vast diversity of careers to choose from which are a combination of theory and up-to-date industry knowledge.

Skills Necessary in Hospitality and Tourism Career

With the following skills you are qualified to take a career in hospitality and tourism;

– Good communication skillshotel room– Ability to solve all kinds of problems with ease
– Be confident and optimistic
– Diplomatic and good negotiation skills
– Excellent presentation and cleanliness especially if you are a chef or handling foodstuff.
– Have an interest in activities such as scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and hiking.
– Love and appreciation for travel
– Strong coordination and organizational skills.
– Commitment to the industry
– Commercial awareness

Some of the degree courses that are offered in different universities/college include;

– Hospitality management
– Hotel management
– Tourism Management
– Hospitality and tourism
– Hospitality and leisure

Choose a course that you are most comfortable with and can work efficiently.

Areas of Work

Hospitality and tourism industry have a vast range of jobs opportunities for graduates. Below are some of the jobs you can venture in.

restaurant– Hotel services: you can indulge in any of the following job opportunities in the hotel category; housekeeping manager, chief property manager, hotel reservation clerk, housekeeping supervisor, hotel manager, resort club manager, recreation director, front desk supervisor and room service manager.
– Travel services: choose from the following career jobs, tour operator, travel agents, cruise line director, travel coordinator, tourist director, and air travel services such as cabin crew staff.
– Bars, clubs and pubs
– Entertainment and leisure business
– Event services: meeting manager, event coordinator, associate meeting planner, banquet manager, luxury events manager among others.
– Food Services: Food service management, chef, prep cook, catering manager, restaurant manager and restaurant chain assistant.
– Marketing for hotel chains and restaurants

You must be ready to start working from the very bottom and working your way to the top. These is due to the shortage of well-developed graduate training schemes, but the situation is changing day by day. If you want an advantage over fellow job applicants in this field, have an additional course such as sports science or business studies.

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