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Must Have Skills to Become a Data Scientist

Regardless of your previous skills or experience, there is a clear path for anyone to become a data scientist. Here is the ultimate checklist of what it takes to become a data scientist.

Programming Skills

No matter what type of company you will be joining, or role you will be involved in, you will be expected to know how to use the coding tools of the trade. This means you have to be good in languages such as R,Python and a querying language such as SQL. When it comes to coding, there is always a sharp debate between coding with Python and using Java. However, data scientists prefer Python because ofits advanced libraries and ease use.

Machine Learning and AI

Data science is arguably the #1 profession in America as reported by Glassdoor. Given the high starting salary attracting data science,it matters for tech-savvy to do what it matters to become one. To become a data scientist is not a mere fete. Extracting true value from business requires one to have a unique combination of technical skills such as programming,mathematics, storytelling as well as people’s’ skills.

Machines do a great job in defining computing and categorizing high volumes of structured and unstructured data. However, they are not able to work on their own entirely. They can learn without supervision,identify trends and patterns among other tasks, but they need first to be fed with the required input. As a data scientist, you need to have a basic understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Architecture

If you need to solve problems, you need tools and infrastructure that can help you meet the required solutions. You will need to integrate data into an organization’s database and systems. To work with big data, you will need to be good on Hadoop, Spark among other. To collect, store and manage data, you will need to be good at SQL.


To become a data scientist, you must be a good communicator.A data scientist is tasked with working with different stakeholders and professionals to solve enormous problems. They must be very good at listening and have an intuitive understanding of data as well as the domain they work in.They must have a good understanding and articulation of business objectives.They should be able to visualize data and communicate it in a simple manner that is easy for everyone to understand. It becomes difficult for people without technical knowledge to understand patterns in data if a data scientist doesn’t visualize it appropriately.

Exploring Opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism Career Path

tourismA career in hospitality and tourism is one of the most exciting careers to enroll in. It’s all about helping people enjoy themselves through food, accommodation and drinks. It entails tourists, traveling, attractions and customer service. Hospitality and tourism industries are the largest business activity in the world, thus, students with higher qualifications are in high demand.

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Exploring Opportunities in Law Career Path

lawOut of high school and you still don’t know which career path to take? A law career is one of the most promising career and has a vast number of jobs to take. You can’t work only in the law industry but other firms such as banks and non-governmental organizations. To study law in a university/ college you must have attained the set grades in your high school.

Before applying for a degree at any of the universities/ colleges in the United States, consider all the pros and cons of the law a career and evaluate if you are suitable for the job. You can ask for advice from fellow friends and people who have done law courses to see your adaptability to the career. Also research on availability of jobs and the requirements employers look for.

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Exploring the Opportunities in Property, Architecture and Construction Career

rooferA career in property, architecture and construction involves the building of structures as well as infrastructure. It may also entail the valuation of the built properties and their subsequent sale. Careers in these areas have a wide range of activities because they affect the environment and human beings.

No man may want to live out in the streets all his life, neither does any government want to have under-developed infrastructure. In these fields, you can find yourself constructing a series of classic buildings or even working on designing and constructing roofs at the Best Roofers In Decatur, GA. You are guaranteed that these career fields offer a lot of flexibility regarding the opportunities that they present.

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Top 10 Most Marketable Skills in 2016 You Should Have

Note with word career  on a wooden background.It is of great significance to understand what skills are on demand as you enter the job market. A marketable skill is any ability that is in demand in the job market; something that is useful for tasks that are extremely helpful to employers. Candidates entering the job market with such skills are undoubtedly with a higher chance of getting employed. To be on a competitive edge in the evolving job market, here are the top ten valuable skills you should have in 2016.

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Exploring Opportunities in Teaching and Education Career Path

teacher 2Are you done with high school and don’t know the next path to take? Well, consider studying for a career in teaching and education field. Before starting a career in education and teaching field, you should know of all the requirements you need. Your primary aim will be enriching the lives of young people.

Your role will be helping children and young people acquire and develop the knowledge and skills they will need later in their lives. It is essential to note that this career is vigorous and crowded, and for you to get the best position, you must have specialized training and significant academic achievement and all state certification requirements.

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Top 10 Most Popular and In Demand Careers in 2016

JordanFootball player, Hollywood Actor, DJ. Golf player, etc. If wishes were horses, who wouldn’t choose such a job? But if you can not play basketball like Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, or can not play golf like Tiger Woods, you will have to settle for something else. But that is not just it, you don’t have to settle for something that is paying less.

Maybe finding a new job in 2016 is at the top of your resolutions? If your dream is to get a well-paying job that is a good match for your skills and would challenge you, or thinking of changing careers, or you are a high school graduate getting into the advanced education world, then information on the fastest growing jobs is probably what you want.

Top adverts from hiring companies depict these ten jobs as the most on demand lucrative careers in 2016.

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Exploring Opportunities in IT and Technology Career Path

ITAre you looking for a degree course in IT and Technology? Are you that person who cannot stay away from your computer? Well, IT and Technology is the best career choice for you. Many universities/ colleges in the United States offer IT and technology courses to all high school leavers with required qualifications. With the rise of Apple, Google, mobile apps, Facebook, smart TVs and much more it is clear that the field of technology is a growing field. There are therefore a great number of jobs available for those planning to join the field.

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Tips For Successful Career Planning

career roadIn the modern world, the job market has become very competitive. Young people, therefore, need to plan their career life well in advance before they get into this market. Career planning is an intense process that requires both advice and extensive evaluation of one’s interests and abilities. To assist you in making the career path smoother, below are a few tips that will guide you in the journey;

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10 Critical Considerations to Choosing a Career Path

career ladderCareer choices are crucial decisions that you may have to make in life. A career choice not only determines how you spend your time but also affects other critical life decisions such as where you live and how you live.

For many high school and college students, there is a lot of pressure on deciding the most suitable career path. This does not necessarily have to be your case because, just like Rome, careers are never chosen or built overnight. However, some few guidelines can nudge you in the right direction especially if you are in doubt of which career path suit you best.

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